Next Town Down Showcase Harmonies in “Easy” Video


Los Angeles based buzzing boy band Next Town Down showcase their chemistry and harmonies in the music video for their standout new single “Easy.” The black-and-white visual finds the quintet at a house in the Hollywood Hills, where they all pine for the attention for a single female love interest. As the woman wanders through the home in a stimulating, yet relaxed outfit, each band member sings their praise for her beauty.

“Baby, when you walk right into the room everything gone stop,” they sing. “Try so hard to be cool but I know I’m not / Baby I wanna know / Baby I wanna know / How you make it look easy?”

As their lovely co-star enjoys her lazy day around the house, from reading to listening to vinyl, each singer pops up in a different room giving her their best pitch.

“Easy” is a smooth slow jam with classic R&B elements that proves Next Town Down should be on your radar.

Check out their video below.

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