Watch: Jorja Smith Talks Debut Album ‘Lost & Found,’ Early Career, Working with Drake & Kendrick Lamar


Jorja Smith will release her debut album Lost & Found on Friday (June 8). The 20-year-old English vocalist recently shared a candid moment with Julie Adenuga of Beats 1 for a personal interview prior to the album’s release. At an undisclosed rental flat in London, the ladies pour a cup of English breakfast tea and discuss a host of topics regarding Jorja’s career progression and defining moments to date.

Fans of the singer will be delighted to hear some deeper background about her early beginnings with recording, how she is dealing with her fast-rising popularity, if “pretty privilege” is real, the title of her debut album, why there are 0 features, and much more.

One of the clear highlights is when Smith details the story of creating her breakout song “Blue Lights,” which was inspired by a school paper she was working on and an item that a friend left at her house. She also reveals how she ended up on the soundtrack to Black Panther and her nonchalant attitude with working with Kendrick Lamar for the first time, as well as what she learned from Drake.

Lost & Found touches on various aspects of love, which Jorja says is a great joy in her life. “I like love, I love people in love,” she says. “I love hearing about love. You can experience love in so many different ways. Love with your friends, love with your parents, love with boys, love with girls, so many different ways. It’s all in my head and I write about it. I’ll give a lot, but when I’ve taken too much, that’s it. I’m quite cold in that sense. I can be really emotional at times but then I can turn stuff off.”

Watch the full interview below!

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