Janet Jackson Talks “Made For Now,” Touring, Motherhood & Much More on ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’


With the release of her new single “Made For Now” Janet Jackson has been doing some rare interview, and her recent sit-down with Big Boy’s Neighborhood is not to miss! The music icon was the epitome of graceful, as always, while she played along with Big Boy’s witty humor and talked about her comeback plus much more.

Speaking about “Made For Now,” Janet revealed the song is a year old and originally it was solo but when Daddy Yankee heard it he convinced her he needed to be on it. She also revealed there is more new music planned for the fall, but her next album is still a work in progress. A lifetime in entertainment and Janet says she feels more comfortable than ever being on stage, and she is loving being on tour with her son. “It’s longer hours now so you’re getting up a little earlier, and I was never someone to get up late to begin with, obviously I love it, but I don’t mind it, and it’s enjoyable,” Jackson tells Big Boy.

Later on, they play a game called ‘When’s the Last Time,’ where she was asked to reveal the last time she was pulled over, last thing she stole, last time she cursed, last time she talked behind someone’s back, the last time she fired someone, last time she got embarrassed (this interview), last time she got drunk, and the last time she cooked.

See the full interview below:

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