Watch: Vogue Goes Backstage with H.E.R. at Afropunk


At Afropunk, H.E.R. rules the stage with sunglasses, big curls, vibrant patterns, and a feminist message.

Vogue caught up with the breakout R&B star this past weekend in Brooklyn prior to her set at Afropunk 2018. The singer-songwriter’s show prep consisted of avocado toast, a meditation sitting, and no-nonsense curling session. “The bigger the better,” she says of her bombshell hair.

While tuning her guitar, H.E.R. talked about her irregular songwriting process. “I never have a usual way of starting a song, ’cause I’m all over the place as far as my thoughts and my emotions with what I want to write about,” she says.

Before hitting the stage, Miguel came by H.E.R.’s dressing room to say hello and give her some positive vibes before her set.

Earlier this month, H.E.R. released the new EP ‘I Used To Know H.E.R.: The Prelude.’ She is currently prepping for the release of her hotly-anticipated debut album.

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