New Video: Bobby V – Love Me Slow


Bobby V keeps the visuals coming off his latest album, Electrik. After sharing a heartfelt clip for “Beautiful Life” last month, the R&B crooner returns with a video for “Love Me Slow.”

This time, Bobby focuses on an sensual performance theme as he channels Prince in a jewel covered long white coat. He performs solo with an ’80s style electric guitar and long silk scarf hanging off his mic stand.

“You said you’re gonna love me slow,” he sings on the chorus. “When we’re done, we’re gonna do it some more / I love it when you’re drippin’ on me / Don’t stop drippin’ on me / You said you’re gonna love me slow / You give me a heart attack.”

Bobby insists their love games won’t stop anytime soon, so his partner better call in sick. At the end, the whole performance turns out to just be a daydream as he rehearses in a small backstage space.

Peep the video below.

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