Listen: Jhene Aiko Releases “Wasted Love Freestyle”


In an unexpected wake from a rather slumber year, Jhené Aiko lets loose a somber new single, “Wasted Love Freestyle” journaling a sharp and bitter break-up.

The song tells a story of a disappointing, fruitless relationship as Aiko paints the romance as having been a “waste of time” and a “waste of love.”

Aiko goes on to declare her ex-partner as her wasted love but it is unclear as to whether she has truly found closure for herself as she continues to contemplate where and when the relationship grew awry:

“How did we get away from love? / How did love get away from us?” she sings.

However, what listeners will find clear is that Aiko’s feelings in the absence of her ex-love is more telling of a love lost rather than a love wasted.

“You became my life, put that on my life / Took me out my mind, took my peace of mind / I never realized you were my light / Without you by my side, that just don’t feel right.”

Take a listen below.

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