15 of the Best R&B Performances on "All That"

15 Of The Best R&B Performances On ‘All That’


“Everything” — Mary J. Blige (Season 4, Episode 62)  

This love song is a soulful bliss of feelings expressed through lyrics that describes what being in love feels like. 


“No, No, No Pt. 2” — Destiny’s Child ( Season 4, Episode 70) 

Donning matching denim outfits, this classic performance from the original members of Destiny’s Child proves that they were all destined to be stars in their own right. 


“Movin’ On” — Mya (Season 5, Episode 83) 

Serving as the second single from her self-titled debut album, “Movin’ On” has now become one of Mya’s most popular singles. This performance showcased her dancing and singing abilities and was a follow-up performance to the season opener, “Take Me There” by Blackstreet which featured the gorgeous singer.


“Caramel” — City High (Season 7, Episode 131)

City High may not be around anymore, but the impression that the trio made on the world won’t be forgotten. And this high energy performance on “All That” won’t either. 


“I Do” — I Do (Season 8, Episode 140)

Now defunct, the original members of 3LW definitely knew how to command the attention of a crowd. Their performance on Season 8 of the hit TV show is an indicator of that. 


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