Justine Skye - BARE WITH ME

Review: Justine Skye’s ‘BARE WITH ME’ Delivered What We Needed To Hear From Her


Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to drive around New York City with R&B songstress Justine Skye in a Sprinter, sipping on red wine, and eating cupcakes — which by the way, is one hell of a pair. Mind you all, this occurred at 2 p.m. on a weekday. Who said being a music reviewer wasn’t fun?!

The first thing I realized while listening to this new album is one thing described by one word: fun. Please understand, this is not a project about having fun, nor partying all day. It is honestly about love, being young and the rules of casually dating. Though this is all true, I can still hear the enjoyment in every record. From the vocal arrangements, reverb throws and delays to the risk and experiments of this album, you can hear all that she put in to creating this project. It’s as if listeners can hear and feel the joy  Justine put in to creating this.

And while it may seem that “BARE WITH ME” is sad project by the description above, rest assured knowing that it’s far from that. Songs like “Secrets” and “Bulletproof” carry the bounce that ladies could utilize to get ready to before heading out with their crew. You know, the applying of makeup and twerk combo that y’all do.

Although the entire project has its peaks and valleys, my favorite record by far is the fifth song on the EP, “When You’re Ready.” Coming in at a close second, however, is the track “FAV,” but honestly, the songs alternate depending on my commute.

We’ve been watching Justine for some time and to be quite honest, this is my favorite project thus far. There are some projects that I listen to and enjoy, move on and circle back to again to hear. This, however, doesn’t fall in that category. Not only has this been on repeat, but it has ignited a thirst for more that can only be quenched by more music.

Hopefully, that’s what we’ll be getting from her soon.


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