Bridget Kelly - The Great Escape

Watch: Bridget Kelly Releases ‘The Great Escape’ Short Film To Accompany EP


If you thought that the release of Bridget Kelly‘s “The Great Escape” EP was all she planned on delivering to fans, think again.

Taking things just a step further, BK has dropped a short film of the same name to accompany the release. Starring the singer and Scott Machado as the leading man, the film tells a short, yet relatable story of boy meets girl, girl finds out he ain’t sh*t and escapes the madness.

Letting the five-track EP serve as the soundtrack and the way to tell the story, the almost five minute short film reminds fans and viewers that Bridget Kelly is a lover of love and not even a heartbreak will change that. Directed by Joshua “Lucky” Peters, “The Great Escape” is a fitting component to the EP that was released in August.

Watch the film and don’t forget to stream “The Great Escape” EP below.


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