Deborah Cox - Easy Way

Deborah Cox Drops Some Advice On Love With “Easy Way”


Since the ’90s, talented songstress Deborah Cox has graced the world with stimulating R&B tracks about love. Now, she’s back with another one; her new single “Easy Way.”

Written and co-produced by the talented Rico Love, “Easy Way” makes an interesting point: it can be easier to leave than it is to stay and put in the work to love someone. She believes love is something worth fighting for and fighting for daily.

Cox sings, “Easy way to leave, easy way to go, easy way to run straight up out that door / Easy way to quit, there’s an easy way of giving up / There’s no easy way to stay when it hurts so much / Especially when you think you’ve had enough / Ain’t no easy way to love, love, love.”

The track comes with a smooth melody and hard hitting baseline, and displays her signature, strong vocals making it a catchy tune. No surprise that it’s building a strong buzz.

Check out the new single below:


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