Shay Lia - Good Together

Shay Lia Provides A Fresh Take On Love With “Good Together”


Sometimes, you need an upbeat love song to lift your spirit, and independent songstress Shay Lia is here to deliver.

The French-East African artist dropped a new visual for her song “Good Together” and like clean clothes, it’s a fresh look on love. The video, set in a launderette, shows Lia dancing on top of washing machines as she tries to woo a boo sitting idly in the corner. It doesn’t take long for her to brighten the mood of the entire dreary and dull atmosphere (stick around to the end for a moment you won’t want to miss).

The song is also about how love isn’t easy, and that relationships take a lot of hard work. She provides more context in an Instagram post.

“Good Together” is the latest music video lifted from her Dangerous EP, which debuted in May. She also has a corresponding European tour (with one stop in Toronto) kicking off on November 15. 

Wash away negativity by checking out “Good Together” below:

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