DK - Not Them

Indie Artist DK Releases Infectious New Single “Not Them”


Indie R&B artist DieraK’Tee — also known as DK — is hitting the scene with her new single “Not Them” and she’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Lifted from her upcoming  debut EP titled Cha-Me-Le-On set to be released later this year, the Charlotte North Carolina native singer-songwriter will have listeners explore the human experience of emotions with her uniquely contemporary, yet throwback style. Laced with an infectious ’90s inspired vibe, this dance song will surely become a hit for the request line.

Though backed by an upbeat tempo, listeners shouldn’t be fooled. “Not Them” speaks of a self-confident female who is here to empower other women about letting a guy down. Relaying the story of how a man thinks just because they’re dancing close, he has her figured out and can take her home for the night. Singing out, “You like ’em, leave ’em crying lonely / Who you playin’ wit boy, not me,” the rising songstress makes it clear that sadly, he has her mistaken and their encounter will end right there on the dance floor. 

Although DK is set to release her Cha-Me-Le-On EP before the year ends, fans can expect a little gift prior to its delivery with a mini EP featuring three songs. And while there isn’t much info on what will be included on either project, we anticipate that it’ll give you the same type of vibe and mood that she’s delivered with this. 

“Not Them” serves as a fun follow-up to last month’s “OooWee” and solidifies the need to keep her on your radar — can be streamed below. And, don’t forget to stay updated on the latest tours, news and more at

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