What You May Have Missed Mondays

What You May Have Missed


Over the recent years, the release of R&B music has steered away from only being released on certain days of the week. Since there’s always something new coming out or some breaking news that hits the web, we know it’s sometimes difficult to stay updated all things R&B — even on your days off over the weekend.

Although we’re always here to give you day-by-day updates, we figured giving you a recap of some of the best R&B tracks and moments from weekend’s past (and sometimes a little before) at the top of each week is a great way for you to hear all the good stuff in one place.

November is always an exciting time for music. From holiday sounds to new releases from the industry heavy hitters, there’s always something to look forward to. So, if you happened to miss out on what the last few days have offered up on the R&B front, here’s a short list of what you may have missed.


Teyana Taylor & Kehlani released their steamy visual for “Morning.”

Following the uptempo banger “How You Want It?,” Teyana Taylor releases the Kehlani-assisted single “Morning.” Serving as the second single from her upcoming project simply titled The Album — which is due on December 6th — the single gives us a glimpse of what to expect.  The self-directed video should come with a NSFW warning as Teyana and Kehlani get intimate throughout with tons of girl-on-girl action that will have tongues wagging for weeks to come. The video has already amassed nearly 4.5 million views since its release three days ago.

Sonically, the explicit laden song finds Teyana in her sweet spot vocally; oozing sensuality in each phrase as she coos come-hithers to her lover. Kehlani adds a fire verse in the bridge that beautifully compliments the groundwork laid by Teyana. This has raised our excitement excited for Teyana’s new album as it is shaping up to be one of the best this year.


Miguel dropped his new single “Funeral.”

Send my regards to the mother and father / ‘Cause somebody’s daughter I just f*cking slayed,” Miguel sings in the opening lines of his new single “Funeral.” It is a unique spin on a sexual encounter that surprisingly works well partly due to Miguel’s conviction in the song’s vocal performance. Reminiscent of material on 2015’s Widlheart, the new track elevates his sound to the next level. The song definitely stands out amongst other recent male R&B releases and has piqued our interest on what’s to come from the talented crooner. 


Tinashe and Ms. Banks delivered the dance heavy video for their latest single “Die A Little Bit.”

With label drama in her rearview, Tinashe presses forward with her new single “Die A Little Bit” featuring Ms. Banks. The song evokes mixtape Tinashe vibes and is a great grower so give it a few spins. It’s arguably Tinashe’s best song in a while because it sees her in a lane all her own as she chants to “Drink. Smoke. Dance. Die A Little Bit.” Some have stated it gives them Janet Jackson “Throb” vibes while aesthetically drawing inspiration from Janet’s Velvet Rope era. And while these comparisons and quite flattering for the songstress, make no mistake. Tinashe is no carbon copy and at this point, she is criminally underrated. 


Elijah Blake supplied fans with a new single titled “5 Gold Rings.”

Christmas may be right around the corner, but this song is not a reference to the “12 Days of Christmas” song. It’s actually a shout out to Kobe Bryant. That didn’t stop him, however, from making many references to the most wonderful time of the year with lines like “Sleigh ride / Yeah, I’m coming over” and “Everyday’s a holiday with you.” The song is a nice, sexy, trap song for the holiday season and beyond. Just be sure to press play after you’ve put the kiddies to bed.


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