Atlanta based rapper/singer Gadiva keeps it 100 in her music video for “F*ck This Job

Directed by The Carmichael Garden Group, Rasheena Nash, and Gadiva, the video is inspired by the 1999 hit film Office Space. “F*ck This Job” is destined to be the song that you blast before, during, and while leaving work. Don’t get too carried away and sing this one to your boss, unless you’re ready to be sent packing.

Gadiva’s debut album Conversation Piece featured the R&B gem “Don’t Be Late.” “F*ck This Job” will appear on Gadiva’s forthcoming sophomore project When The Wifi Works. “All I did was say what everyone else was thinking, sue me.” Gadiva laughs. “My project reflects exactly where I was emotionally and mentally. I was at a friend’s house using their spotty wifi one day. That’s where the title of my project came from. I was just downloading instrumentals. Whatever hit me, I wrote right then and there.” Gadiva’s album is slated for a fall 2020 release.

Check out the video for “F*ck This Job” below:

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