Staasia Daniels - Unheard Volumes

Staasia Daniels Returns With Seductive New EP ‘Unheard Volumes’


Though it hasn’t been too long since Toronto-based songstress Staasia Daniels released something for fans to enjoy, we won’t complain about the release of her latest offering, Unheard Volumes.

Right on time for peak cuffing season dates, the new project is a medley of emotion-drive and love-making tracks to make for a perfect “stay in and chill” playlist. Baring it all on the project, the songstress displays her vulnerability in both love and lust for everyone to relate to. Providing a real, raw, and refreshing look on relationships and the confusions that they sometimes bring,  Unheard Volumes is what should have your attention — ASAP.

Featuring the previously released “FBGS,” the eight track project provides a sultry and seductive no-skip experience that everyone yearns for when it comes to hearing new tunes. Noted as “pure feels and energy, straight from your ears to your heart,” we’re sure you’ll regret it if you don’t give it a listen.

Check it out below.

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