Kelly Rowland Visual For “Coffee”


Kelly Rowland just dropped her first single “Coffee” off of her highly anticipated album. The visual comes with a powerful message from the singer/songwriter. “To me, COFFEE is about embracing your individuality, sexuality, or imperfections. Not comparing yourself to others. We need to celebrate ourselves more often — with this song, I want you to have yourself in mind. I want to remind women all over to reignite their magic!” 

While we let this virtual Coffee brew, we’ll have time to discuss these steamy lyrics. “Pardon my sincerity, You know I’m a rare-ity, My love be your therapy, All around remedy.” Rowland has empowered women with more confidence to say, we’re a rare commodity and the buck stops here.  

Rowland stated in an interview via IG live that she doesn’t have any planned release date due to quarantine.  As of now, there’s no featured collaborations, which she and a friend agreed “it feels refreshing… I want to do something unexpected, so I don’t know what that would be just yet.” 

The follow up record to Coffee, “definitely needs a video,” Rowland said. So for now, let us relish in this beautiful piece of art.

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