New Music: Amaya – “Trust Issues”


What’s scary about falling in love is knowing that it can fall through. Baring her heart, budding RnB, soul songstress Amaya shares her story of a failed relationship in her new single “Trust Issues.”

Amaya’s sweet tone, and impressive vocal control complement her storytelling in this heartbreak ballad. “Trust Issues” is the raw story about the unraveling of her relationship with a fellow musician. But the song goes beyond her story and is relatable on many levels as she sings “now all I got is trust issues / and even though I trusted you / I wasn’t able to be true / so baby we fell through.”

She explains more about her love story and the motivation behind the song:

“Trust Issues is about a time when I was madly in love with my ex. We met on MySpace and I moved to Sweden for him. I even went on to study jazz in Swedish because it was the only music academy in Stockholm where I could get my Bachelor Degree as this was the only criteria for my mum not to hunt me down and drag me back to Slovenia,” she said.

“Let me tell you, I knew nothing about jazz and absolutely didn’t understand Swedish back then, haha! He was a touring musician so most of the time I was alone at home. I wasn’t aware of how much I idolised him and that I had self worth issues. In those lonely and depressing times, I was more than ever seeking for love and approval and stopped trusting my actions. It didn’t matter how much love he showed me because it could never be enough. I didn’t know how to love myself so eventually  it became very destructive and our ‘happily ever after’ abruptly came to an end.”

Now Amaya is taking control of her pain and using it as inspiration to create her forthcoming EP, expected to drop later this year.
Originally from Slovenia, she started her career at 17 under her real name Maja Keuc. The promising singer has already made an impression with her music. Back in 2011, she performed and represented Slovenia in the biggest music competition in Europe -Eurovision, scoring the highest position for her home country to date.

Experience Amaya’s single “Trust Issues” below:


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