New Music: Kaytranada featuring Lucky Daye- “Look Easy”


Soulful R&B star Lucky Daye and mega producer Kaytranada have teamed up for a new jam entitled “Look Easy.” Lucky Daye has been growing an organic following over the years and it’s for good reason. The New Orleans native has been one of the most consistent and exciting new voices in the current class of R&B newcomers. Already a four time GRAMMY award nominee, it is clear he is shaking up the masses and the industry. All of this makes it evident why hitmaker Kaytranada wanted him for the single “Look Easy.”

Sonically, the sleek, electric, and grooving beat is intoxicating. That paired with Lucky Daye’s restrained vocal performance results in musical ecstasy. Lyrically, Lucky is flexing on us and letting it be known he is that dude. “I feel ’em starin’ from across the room/He’s got it all, I just let them assume/You couldn’t be me if you wanted to/You’re yesterday’s edition, I’m the news,” he sings during the verse. This one is sure to be in heavy rotation this summer.

Get into “Look Easy” below:

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