Exclusive Premiere: Raheem DeVaughn Presents Grammy-nominated songwriter and R&B artist Georgia Reign’s latest single & video “Wait On Me” Part 1


It didn’t take long for fans and music critics alike to realize that Raheem DeVaughn’s Georgia Reign’s new music videoWait On Me” Part 1 is truly something worth waiting for. 

The R&B singer Reign, whose voice is best described as a soulful ballet, showed us all that beautiful music comes in all packages. But don’t let her statement nose ring, pronounced gold chain, long red locks, or jean jacket styled with a baseball cap to top it all off fool you. This sister is manifesting the vibes of a woman with a broken heart but a powerful voice. 

Presented by Raheem DeVaughn under his New Era Soul Records, the Atlanta native, Grammy-nominated songstress has worked with Babyface, Chris Brown, and music producer Adonis. Her new music video, directed by DNA Videos, stars Malcolm Mays. 

While it’s clear to be continued, this new track is a harmonic, mid-tempo soulful grove that so many men and women can relate to. 

Fan love poured in from all over the nation when the songstress announced the coming of her new video release on Instagram. Singer Raheem DeVaughn commented with four rockets signaling that it was time for take-off. One fan wrote “The Dopest songwriters, artists I’ve ever been around. So happy the world is gonna see your talent” while another fan commented, “Oooo the teaser is a pleaser, annihilate em!” 

As the video opens, a disheartened Georgia Reign sits at an empty table all by herself as she listens to a video message from her estranged lover. “Look I understand that but the reality is I still love you. Whenever you are ready you come back home, you always got a ticket waiting for you bet. I’ll wait for you,” he says in a heartfelt message. 

All in her feelings, the songstress walks up and down a mall strip wearing a denim jacket. I guess she wished somehow that her life would resemble the fabric that she wore because denim doesn’t wrinkle, takes a beating, and lasts for the long haul. I guess deep in her heart she wanted a love that would last but mixed emotions flooded her mind as she shares what was going on in her head “One too many times did I let my heart fail me/ One too many times did I let a man tell me/ that I’m with you it wasn’t true/ what do you want me to do/ I got trust issues,” she sings in the bridge. 

He’s programmed in her phone as Bae Malcolm but programmed in her heart as a man she has trust issues with. As she paces the floor of her home and walks the mall strip one thing is very clear – she’s not ready to let go, she needs time. 

Won’t you wait on, wait on, wait on me/ I need you to wait on, wait on, wait on, wait on me/ Don’t you dare go fall in love on me/ Give me a little more time to work on me/ Say you will wait on, wait on, wait on, wait on me,” she sings in the hook. 

As the video ends, Bae Malcolm’s final message to Georgia Reign is “Said if you love something let it go, and if it comes back it’s for you.” 

“Wait On Me” (Part 1) was produced by Marcus “Churchboi Askew” and written by Meshawn Jones, Justin Norvell Crowder, VurdellVscript” Muller. “Wait On Me” (Part2) was co-written by Raheem DeVaughn, and is available now on all platforms, via the New Era Soul Records/SRG-ILS Group label import. The song will also be featured on the upcoming album, “Raheem DeVaugh Presents, From Lust Till Dawn,” globally available on May 6, 2022.

Watch the exclusive world premiere of “Wait On Me”Part 1 below now only on ThisIsRnB.com . Dropping worldwide tomorrow 4/22.

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