Best of 2017: The Year Women Ctrl’d R&B


K. Michelle Kimberly Album

K. Michelle – KIMBERLY: The People I Used to Know

K. Michelle decided that 2017 is going to be her farewell to K and her introduction to Kimberly. This feisty diva with the voice of an angel released her much anticipated fourth album, KIMBERLY: The People I Used to Know, this year as a way to let go of what was holding her back and make way for what’s coming in her future.

#ThePeopleIUsedtoKnow was inspired partly by Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why,’ and was created as little notes to people in the past thanking them for what they’ve taught her about herself. Boasting a versatile tracklist with some help from Chris Brown and Jeremih, this album doesn’t let her Rebels down at all.

Her sexy track, “Birthday” is a standout on the album, along with “Kim K,” which touches on cultural appropriation, and “Talk to God” where she gets really real about how she feels about the industry and her haters. Each song is an open letter to someone and fans get to experience a new piece of Kimberly with every song.


Keyshia Cole 1111 Album

Keyshia Cole – 11:11 Reset

Keyshia Cole made a pretty triumphant return in 2017 after releasing her first project, 11:11 Reset, with Epic Records. Not only was she a new face on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’s franchise in 2017, but she made a pretty big splash with her single “Incapable” while on the show, reminding us what we love most about KC.

Her powerhouse vocals, and innate ability to connect with listeners through her emotions is why we love her music so much and what makes her album this year a standout for the ladies. With tracks like “Best Friend,” “Act Right” and “Emotional,” Keyshia seems to have gotten her groove back and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this Bay Area queen.



Lalah Hathaway – honestly

The iconic songstress blessed the game with a new album titled, honestly, which is one of Lalah’s most honest projects to date. She uses this album to inspire and tell her truth in a way that is raw and pure.

Boasting features from Lecrae and rising newcomer, Tiffany Gouche, honestly, juxtaposes Lalah’s strong voice with the humanity of her lyrics and it feels refreshing. Like feeling warmth from a familiar smile and hug, this album just feels good.

We recommend “change ya life,” “call on me,” and “don’t give up” for your daily dose of good vibes, love, and inspiration from Miss Lalah Hathaway.


Ledisi Let Love Rule Album

Ledisi – Let Love Rule

The New Orleans native with the golden voice made a beautiful return to music with her 2017 album, Let Love Rule. Ledisi created a project that felt like she just pressed restart on life and started seeing things through a brighter set of eyes. Each track is fresh, bright, and highlights her extensive vocal range in the most beautiful way.

Whether she wows you away on her jazzy duet with John Legend on the smooth, “Give You More,” or helps you learn to let go on her honest track, “Forgiveness,” Ledisi’s 8th album solidifies herself in the hearts of all R&B heads this year.

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  1. Mika Cottle 7 years ago

    Mary did her thing-thing. You urban music professional have to understand that Mary’s ex-man is using her current album as collateral evidence against her in court to make money and to win his case. Kendu is already suffering the karma, by not being able to get a job making anything near 4 million dollars to 400 thousand dollars to even 4 thousand dollars or less a year, because of how he did Miss Mary. So, Mary can only release visuals from the LP, that do not have anything to do with a dog cheating man. And, she released “Thick Of It” when she was still with him. So, to all the boys and girls along with men and women, support Miss Mary by going to her sold-out shows and support all other media that Miss Mary has going on with herself. That’s why us as fans couldn’t get the other five videos from Miss Mary, but once Mary settles her debts with Miss Kendu, we should be getting them. Shhhhittttt, maybe even a dope LL, Puff, Diddy, Snoop, Jay or other legendary rap remix at the top of the year, because Mary has put in 27 years in this music industry and Momma still going strong. – #MaryJBlige – #ATrueLegend

  2. Julian 7 years ago

    You forgot about Mabel, her mixtape “Ivy to Roses” is pretty good too!
    And Kelela’s debut album “Take Me Apart” is worth mentioning as well.

  3. Stanley 7 years ago

    H.E.R. did her thang this year… She might be one of my most favorite female artist of 2017. Lets see if she can keep up the momentum.

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