Kyle Dion Spend It

New Music: Kyle Dion – Spend It


Rising crooner Kyle Dion has been on a roll with tracks like “Brown” and “Cool Side of the Pillow.” The R&B singer/songwriter now returns with an electric, funky mid-tempo titled “Spend It.”

The confident, lothario-inspired jam is the latest taste of Dion’s anticipated new project.

“This song is an introduction to the character I built within my upcoming album,” says Kyle. “Without giving too much away, this mysterious character is the sort of man that has it all – women, money, travel – he even has love and he feels untouchable with the line, ‘Which one of yall wanna spend it, I got too much’”

Adapting a rap flow to portions of his delivery, the singer is clearly advancing and expanding his artistry in more and more advantageous ways.

“Flying over seas first class / Yea, you know that,” he sings. “Fit the whole team in my bag / Yea, you know that / My coat white like the 70s / Gotta keep it clean, yea yea.”

Get ready to throw a couple dollas up in the air with Kyle below.

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