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18 Of The Best T-Pain Songs That Weren’t Released As Singles


“Up & Down” (Pr33 Ringz — 2008)

Before T-Pain delivered his Grammy-nominated third album Thr33 Ringz — which we’ll get into more tracks from below — he gave fans an unforgettable holdover by the name of Pr33 Ringz. The mixtape, which was released just a few weeks prior to the actual album, helmed 21 tracks that were designed to prepare you for what he was offering next. And while the mixtape showcased more cuts with T-Pain rapping, there were still a few that had him give us appreciated vocals. “Up & Down” was definitely one of those tracks.


“I Know” (Pr33 Ringz — 2008)

Backed by hard hitting bass and addictive lyrics, “I Know” — which also features Young Cash on the hook — hears the multi-talented crooner switch places with his frequent collaborator as he raps over the self-produced track. Found on the Pr33 Ringz mixtape, this song should have found a place on one of T-Pain’s actual albums.


“Long Lap Dance” (Thr33 Ringz — 2008)

Following the release of the Pr33 Ringz mixtape, T-Pain’s official third album Thr33 Ringz hit shelves. Though successfully led by the single “Can’t Believe It,” it was in tracks like “Long Lap Dance” that helped it stand solid against its predecessor, Epiphany.


“Phantom” (Thr33 Ringz — 2008)

Initially released as a bonus track on the album in 2008, fans of the song know that it is not found on any streaming platforms under T-Pain’s account. And while you may not be able to hear “Phantom” during your revisits to the album, there’s no denying that the creepy and stalker-like track is one of his best created.


“Pu$$y On The Phone” (Oblivion — 2017)

Found on 2017’s Oblivion album, “Pu$$y On The Phone” absolutely had the power to have been a single. Due to its extremely raunchy lyrics though, it makes sense why it wasn’t. Although different than those previously listed, this particular song was proof that the singer has the ability to fit into any era of music.

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