Best T-Pain Songs

18 Of The Best T-Pain Songs That Weren’t Released As Singles



“Time Nor Place” (Everything Must Go Vol 1. — 2018)

Putting forth a new style and sound with this one, “Time Nor Place” is found on his Everything Must Go Vol. 1 offering. Though it wasn’t pushed as a summer anthem in 2018, we should definitely bring it back for 2020 because the world needs that.


“Sittin’ Around” (Everything Must Go Vol 1. — 2018)

As like the above, “Sittin’ Around” had the potential to be a hit single for the singer. Released as a free gift for fans, the song is another sexy sounding offering from Teddy Pain that deserves more shine.


“Be Your X” (1UP — 2019)

Featured on his most recent release 1UP, “Be Your X” is a reminiscent sound of the early to mid-2000s snap music era mixed with the sounds of current day R&B. Not a song that delivers the range of his talent, “Be Your X” is still a praiseworthy song for this season of T-Pain music.


Honorable Mentions

Got To Go (Pr33 Ringz — 2008)

Another track where you get to hear T-Pain flex both his rapping and singing skills, “Got To Go” — lifted from the Pr33 Ringz mixtape — can still hold its own against singles released today.


Drankin’ Patna (2014)

Technically, “Drankin’ Patna” was released as a single from his 2014 Happy Hour album, but it didn’t get true justice. So, it’s finding a home on this list as an honorable mention.


Look At Me (2016)

Though given a video in 2016, “Look At Me” kind of got lost in the shuffle of T-Pain’s scrapped material. And that’s unfortunate because it’s actually a great song. So, as like the two listed above, it’s getting it’s shine right here, right now.


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