Best T-Pain Songs

18 Of The Best T-Pain Songs That Weren’t Released As Singles


Suicide (Epiphany — 2007)

Although T-Pain is known for his comical and sexually-infused lyrics, when he dropped his sophomore album Epiphany, there was one song on there that was a bit different. And while “Suicide” is a bit of a sad story, it still found a way to become a fan favorite from the album.


“Put It Down” feat. Ray Lavender (Epiphany — 2007)

Dishing out unforgettable production and evoking a lustful feeling upon first listen, “Put It Down” gave fans who were just tuning in the opportunity to hear Pain rap over a beat. And yes, it was and still is totally worth the listen.

Fun fact: Ray Lavender also had his own version of the song with only one rap verse from T-Pain.


“Tipsy” (Epiphany — 2007)

Though the third track on his sophomore album, “Tipsy” served as the first song on the album that T-Pain could be heard singing. A fun and sexy single, this one is still perfect to listen to either at the beginning of your night out or to wrap it up.


“Show U How” (Epiphany — 2007)

Filled with catchy lyrics, “Show U How”  heard the “rapper ternt sanga” deliver another solid effort at displaying his ability (and plan) to simultaneously dominate both the R&B and rap genres.


“I’m A Freak” feat. Young Cash (Pr33 Ringz — 2008)

Originally released in 2008, “I’m A Freak” is a song that you may not even know existed if you weren’t a real T-Pain fan prior to his recent material. A rotational favorite in the clubs, the song doesn’t hear T-Pain singing, but is still a good listen. Ironically though, the song — which features Duval County rapper Young Cash — finally received a visual in 2014 and was added to streaming platforms this year.

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