10 Big Hits Jeremih Has Recently Remade


10. Wale feat. Jeremih – The Body

This one was quick, but on his hit collaboration “The Body” with rapper Wale, Jeremih took a cue from his fellow Chicago native, R. Kelly, borrowing a standout line from Kellz classic “You Remind Me of Something,” off his 1995 self-titled album. It definitely feels more like paying homage than using for the sake of sampling a previously established hit lyric or melody.



That’s what we got so far. We haven’t spoke to Jeremih about this yet personally, but we’d be interested to know if he has been consciously doing remakes of big hits to hopefully land another big hit, or if it’s been more organic and just came out during sessions. If you know of anymore let us know in the comments section.

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