ThisisRnB Presents: The 20 Best R&B Albums of 2016


Maxwell – blackSUMMERS’night

You gotta dig deep to get Maxwell. The seasoned curator of neo-soul and R&B is a perfectionist, making his sultry aura seem innate. Yet, the seven years it took for him to drop the second installment of his Grammy nominated trilogy, blackSummers’night, is proof of his methodical madness. And it’s a madness that we crave.

Per usual, Maxwell is serving irresistible seduction and sensuality as his silky tenor floats over heavy bass laden ballads and mid-tempo grooves. Glimpses of his previous masterpieces show up throughout the album making it familiar, yet exhilarating. His ability to go next level appears on the stimulating “All the Ways Love Can Feel” and the bouncy “III,” along with the alluring “1990x” and the bold, “Gods.”

Giving us just enough, blackSUMMERS’night has us hot and ready for the climax of this tantric trinity. –Raquelle Harris

  1. Deal 8 years ago

    Yuna album was the best if you ask me!

  2. bbygirl_brighteyes 7 years ago

    Most overrated album… Rihanna. To me, it sounded like an unfinished project. Also, I don’t remember one song off of the Blonde album.

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