ThisisRnB Presents: The 20 Best R&B Albums of 2016


Fantasia – The Definition Of …

2016 has been the year for breaking away from the traditional definitions of music. Fantasia is one of those who broke through with her latest album, The Definition Of …. Balancing confidence, humility and courage, the rock soul siren is a woman who has love and lost, yet she’s still winning. She has long since surpassed her “American Idol” title. Featuring multiple genres from gospel to country, Fanny’s latest has songs that will appeal to music lovers who favor eclectic taste.

With low sales compared to its predecessors The Definition Of … is an underappreciated gem. Tracks such as the racy “Sleeping With the One I Love,” the insightful “Ugly” and the rousing “I Made It,” stand out on a display of bold artistry. –Raquelle Harris

  1. Deal 7 years ago

    Yuna album was the best if you ask me!

  2. bbygirl_brighteyes 7 years ago

    Most overrated album… Rihanna. To me, it sounded like an unfinished project. Also, I don’t remember one song off of the Blonde album.

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