ThisisRnB Presents: The 20 Best R&B Albums of 2016


Tank – Sex, Love & Pain II

Though many artists are not equipped to produce a solid sequel to their most popular album, but the self-proclaimed R&B General, Tank, proved that he was more than able to do so. Taking 2016 to drop his follow-up to to 2007’s Grammy-nominated Sex, Love & Pain, the singer-songwriter did more than impress listeners with his current day interpretation of sex, love, and pain. Setting the bar for what 2016 would receive from R&B, Tank’s ability to deliver an album of the same quality given almost a decade ago was nothing less than possible with Sex, Love & Pain II. Featuring strong tracks suck as “F***in Wit Me,” “Relationship Goals,” and the album’s title track, Tank gave us plenty reason to approve the second installment to the critically acclaimed title. –Ni’Kesia Pannell

  1. Deal 7 years ago

    Yuna album was the best if you ask me!

  2. bbygirl_brighteyes 7 years ago

    Most overrated album… Rihanna. To me, it sounded like an unfinished project. Also, I don’t remember one song off of the Blonde album.

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