ThisisRnB Presents: 17 R&B Albums to Sweat in 2017


Jhené Aiko – Untitled

Jhené is a maniac, and we like it.

In a recent interview with Genius, the Sailing Soul said she “likes to take her time to create the pieces and put the pieces together to have this big picture.” Then she went on to say, “in 2017, you will see the big picture.” If that doesn’t scream that there’s an album on the way ladies and gents, then we don’t know what does.

In addition to the release of part two of her TWENTY88 project with Big Sean, we are looking forward to her sophomore album under Def Jam. As of right now, the album is untitled, but if her current single, “Maniac” is any indication what it may sound like, it’s going to be both dark and sexy. Jhené’s soft sweet vocals juxtaposed with her dark and sensual side is something that we’re definitely excited to hear in 2017. -Jamila Wright


  1. bjinwright 7 years ago

    We need Joonie to come out with another album.

  2. Mysonne 7 years ago

    What About Mary J. Blige?

  3. ThisIsRnB 7 years ago

    Yes, for sure, we are looking forward to what Mary brings on her new album too!

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