ThisisRnB Presents: 17 R&B Albums to Sweat in 2017


Bryson Tiller – True to Self

Bryson Tiller is slated for a huge comeback. The Louisville singer/songwriter spent a large portion of 2016 in the studio cooking up his sophomore album True to Self. Still a bit mysterious to his fans, we don’t know much about what will be on the album but we’re definitely expecting some collaborations. He’s been posting pictures on Instagram with a variety of heavy hitters in hip-hop from the likes of A$AP Ferg, Fabolous and Travis Scott. Maybe one of them will appear on Bryson’s new project.

As of right now, there’s no set release date for the album, but Bryson assures fans that as soon as it’s complete it will be in the fans’ hands. To keep us satisfied while we wait, Pen Griffey released the first new single we’ve heard since the TrapSoul era with “Let Me Explain.”  -Jamila Wright

  1. bjinwright 7 years ago

    We need Joonie to come out with another album.

  2. Mysonne 7 years ago

    What About Mary J. Blige?

  3. ThisIsRnB 7 years ago

    Yes, for sure, we are looking forward to what Mary brings on her new album too!

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