ThisisRnB Presents: 17 R&B Albums to Sweat in 2017


Lloyd – Out My Window

Has it really been 6 years? R&B crooner Lloyd released his last album King of Hearts in 2011, and then he took some serious time off for personal reasons. The singer surprised fans worldwide with his comeback in mid 2016 though, which saw him make a reflective return with the heartfelt ballad “Tru,” and following EP of the same name. Although he may be wiser and more evolved with his talents now, the project feels like he picked up right where he needed to, and reminded fans why he was so missed.

However, such time off required Lloyd to make his return a little deeper with his next album, Out My Window, so he released the Tru EP in December as a appetizer, and has let fans know that he’s been through a lot but he’s got even more to say now. “I’ve never attacked the content of my life like this,” Lloyd told Billboard. “The EP and album were inspired by all kinds of biographical storylines of the past few years. And the bottom line message is that there’s nothing wrong with being who you are. I really enjoy the fact that no one is perfect or imperfect. That’s the message I’m sharing.”

We’re ready for it.  -Jamie Wexler

  1. bjinwright 7 years ago

    We need Joonie to come out with another album.

  2. Mysonne 7 years ago

    What About Mary J. Blige?

  3. ThisIsRnB 7 years ago

    Yes, for sure, we are looking forward to what Mary brings on her new album too!

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