ThisisRnB Presents: 16 Albums To Sweat In 2016



11. FANTASIA – Currently Untitled 5th Album

Fantasia surprised fans by kicking off the new year with the brand new single “No Time For It,” and revealing that she will be releasing her 5th studio album this spring via 19 Recordings/RCA Records.  Without any prior information on the project, and just recently receiving her new single, we can only assume what to expect, but we do know Tasia will be building on the Rock Soul style she delivered with her acclaimed 2013 album Side Effects of You.

“Rock Soul, it’s so much more than a single genre of music. It’s all music and those who love it,” she explains. “Rock Soul has not come without great sacrifice, taking many risks, and believing it would be embraced and received by the world. … So now it’s time to open the door to a new chapter of life, but yet still there are some things in life that I simply have ‘No Time for It.’”


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