ThisIsRnB Presents: The Top 20 R&B Albums of 2015


Bryson Tiller TrapSoul

17. Bryson Tiller – T R A P S O U L

Alternative R&B, as we are still calling it I guess, has continued to run up the charts, and Bryson Tiller’s debut album T R A P S O U L prolonged its reign. Receiving co-signs from the legendary Timbaland, as well as Drake, Bryson’s impact seems to have hit us with what feels like an overnight storm. Blowing up with his dark emotional track “Don’t,” his success has somewhat intrigued us in the way of seeing if his follow-up will prove to be as addicting as this debut.

Offering up no features and written completely by himself, T R A P S O U L is interesting in itself due to the creativity placed in its development. If receiving a co-sign from Timbaland wasn’t enough for music lovers to believe in the project, the 22-year-old artist also received a production blessing from his as well. Ayo the Producer and KEYZBABY are also found on this project (as they have been on a few projects throughout 2015) as well as The MeKanics, and more. In addition to releasing T R A P S O U L, Tiller was also featured – with The Upperclassmen – on Chris Brown’s recent album as a songwriter for the track, “Proof.” Released in October, the album debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 and – although the start was slow – has now sold over 100,000 copies. – Ni’Kesia Pannell

  1. OB 9 years ago

    No Monica Code Red???? Dang! Good list over all tho!

  2. Dante Armstrong 8 years ago

    This list is crap. Where is Tamar Braxton’s Calling All Lovers? Some I can see because the artist are well rounded. However Miguel, Chris Brown, The Weekend and Bryson Tiller’s albums were WACK!!!!! Some of the others I haven’t heard. This list sounds like a favorite’s from the writer’s list not really what were the best. I love Tamia but her album wasn’t any good either.

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